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AACC-SF Newsletter July 2014  
Presidents Message
I'm delighted to announce the new year's Board of Directors has been elected.

I'm honored to return as President and warmly welcome back our Executive Committee members: Tom Klein as Vice-President, Russ Mansky as Treasurer and Gordon Stirling as Secretary. The remainder of our Board, Helen Fairclough, Bruce McNamara, Matt Lough and Ian Burditt have all decided to return and we welcome our newest member, CherylAnn Falconer, who has recently re-located from Australia to the SF Bay area.

The Board’s key responsibility is to advance the spirit of Australia that we share with like-minded people in the SF area and beyond and in doing so, ensure that our organization meets the needs of our membership. We host a series of events throughout the year that encompass a myriad of themes – business, cultural, social and sport. We are constantly looking at ways to build our membership and identify how we can to add to the richness and diversity of our group – anywhere from an individual level through to a broader business sector level. We also foster our partnerships with the Australian Consul-General and other Australian and International organizations which we value greatly as they enrich our presence and effectiveness.

As members and friends of the AACC, you are the soul of our organization, so please let us know how we are doing. We welcome all types of feedback as it only when we are aware of what’s working and what needs improvement that we can endeavor to be the best. Your support in these efforts are greatly appreciated!

And finally, I’d like to welcome Mr Laki Kondylas to San Francisco where he has recently been appointed to the role of Trade and Investment Commissioner for NSW Government. We’re pleased to have Laki here and look forward to some joint initiatives soon.

Thanks as always for your continued support


  Mark your calendars and plan to join the AACC and BABC in collaboration with the Marin Cricket Club at the annual Clashes for the Ashes Cricket Match. Watch some exciting cricket, kids games, BBQ lunch, Aussie beer and wine and fine British beverages. This is a great day out for all the family - set up your chairs and enjoy the sun in Larkspur.

Hosted by the AACC, BABC and the Australian and British Consulate-Generals.

Every year hundreds of spectators from around the Bay Area turn up to watch a veritable feast of cricketing drama. A game of intense competition and usually an excruciatingly close finish is guaranteed. This one day game is played with perhaps as much ardor and passion as the 'real' Ashes series between the test teams and this year, the British will be throwing down the gauntlet to win back the trophy from the Australians, 2013 champions, with gusto.

There's no better way to spend a summer's day than reclining behind the boundary rope in front of a backdrop of beautiful Mount Tamalpais and pretty marquees with their fluttering flags. Enjoy strawberries and cream and Pimms and Aussie BBQ fayre washed down by the best of British and Australian beers.

Bring friends and family, including the smallest children who will especially love the special kids' games staged at the lunch break.

This year it's anyone's guess who will win. So come on down to Piper Park on August 23rd and cheer on your team! (Polite sledging allowed!)
Presented by:
Chris Ball And Spark International: Entrepreneurs Ending Poverty

  We’re pleased to offer AACC Members an inspiring, informative and entertaining presentation on how the spirit of entrepreneurship can end poverty. 

What’s this all about?
Connecting entrepreneurs and professionals who’ve made it (companies already involved include Xero, Solar City and AirBnB) with entrepreneurs who haven’t.

These developing world entrepreneurs, with their social business ideas can end extreme poverty. We can’t imagine a more suitable place to share their inspiring stories than the heartland of entrepreneurship – America’s west coast!

How’s it going to happen?
Chris Ball is an Australian entrepreneur, adventurer and supporter of Spark International: US/Australian not-for-profit enabling local people in Africa and the Pacific with local solutions to end poverty.

Cycling 1300 miles from Seattle to San Francisco on under $3 a day (daily budget of 1.3b suffering extreme poverty), Chris will visit the west coast’s most innovative and entrepreneurial organizations to share this very special presentation. 

Be inspired, learn something new and have some fun as Chris rolls into San Fran on the 10th, 11th and 12th of September to present to your company.

Want more information? Email me direct at

Availability is filling fast and 30-minute and 1 hour slots are strictly limited. 

Summer Golf Scramble

The Aussies, British and Swedes hosted a great Summer Golf Scramble June 13th. Over 80 players experienced a sunny San Francisco day on the course. Please see the event video here and photo's here.

Thank you to all our sponsors, donors, players, volunteers and to the BABC and SACC for the joint effort. We are already planning our 2015 event, look forward to seeing you on the course once more.


AFL Grand Final Party

Friday September 26th, 2014

Celebrate with us at the largest North American AFL Party - purchase tickets now, as the event always sells out. 

Great downtown location, easy parking, BART and Muni access!

First 400 guests receives a complimentary BOAGS beer.

Tables of 10 or more can be purchased!
Air New Zealand Partnership
  AACC members can enjoy a discount of 11% for all flights on Air New Zealand to Australia via Auckland. Business class travelers will enjoy lie-flat luxury in Air New Zealand's Business premier and Premium Economy travelers will enjoy unmatched legroom.

Air New Zealand's new 777-300 aircraft will take off SFO in July 2014!

News from Air New Zealand:

Air New Zealand begins a new era for their fleet and another era will close September 10, when they farewell the 747 and begin anew with the 777-300. And…

Air New Zealand will expand service to 10 round-trips per week on the popular San Francisco - Auckland route during the peak Northern winter period between mid-December and March 2015, including double daily flights on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. At press time, the 777-300 is slated to depart San Francisco at 7:45pm and 777-200 at 9pm.

The perfect mix of luxury and value. All guests enjoy our welcoming, attentive service, generous personal space and the best, ergonomically-designed seats. No more missing the end of your movie with 1000+ hrs of gate-to-gate entertainment on video touch-screens. Their chef-designed menus and wines are in every cabin plus drinks and snacks on demand.
The 777-300 configuration includes:

· Business Premier - Relax in complete comfort while you enjoy the award-winning service. This seat reclines into a fully lie-flat bed allowing you to arrive at your destination rested and ready to go.

· Premium Economy - Definitely more premium than Economy, the 2-2-2 configuration and hard-shell Spaceseat™ lets you rest comfortably with premium check-in, meals and service.

· Economy Skycouch – Stretch out and relax as a trio of seats transform to become the innovative Economy Skycouch™ - a flat, flexible space providing extra space, legroom and incredible comfort.

· Economy - Comfort is the priority, with fully adjustable winged headrest, fleece blanket and pillow, you can rest or stay productive with in-seat power, USB and iPod connections.

Book now through December 10th

This month in Tech
by CherylAnn Falconer CEO of DeZolve
Inc., and board member of AACC

  We're Aussie expats working in the tech scene here in the Bay area. We have a people friendly tech approach to making you the smartest person in the room. While the decision to relocate to Silicon Valley was straightforward this place can be daunting to outsiders. As we network and make new friends we get to see some amazing ideas many of which will change the world we live in.

Just last week we saw the 9 finalists from the Foundersspace July Angel Pitch event. Some of the highlights were a new breast cancer screening technology that costs a few dollars and gives results in just 15 minutes. Millions of women around the globe can now be diagnosed early and live longer. Another medical focused startup has developed a saline drip replacement. You just add water, any water. The cost of shipping these vital mediaid supplies can be reduced substantially. Other ideas we're not so sure about but it's great to see people trying new things and learning what works and what doesn't.

One big news story that caught our attention recently is the brewing conflict between taxi and parking services which are being disrupted by Uber, Lyft and a myriad of other new players. Taxi and parking tech disruption is a huge challenge for cities, incumbents and governments to cope with. Another big story is Apple partnering with IBM to target the corporate sector. Incumbents like Microsoft and Blackberry will have to fight hard to protect their turf. While consumer tech disruption seems limitless

right now it's good to see enterprise tech disruption becoming more popular.
What good tech ideas have you seen this month? Let us know your thoughts. You can find us on twitter @dezolvedecisions or on Facebook. Just search for DeZolve.

AMCHAM Partnership

  We're also delighted to announce a new partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia (AmCham). This will provide some added value to your membership so look for more information to come as we develop some exciting new initiatives.

Please contact Dawn for further information and connection to AMCHAM.
Bausele Australia


AACC Contributor - Katherine Hosie



Now this headline has your attention, I’d like to share something that will make your life easier and more effective: how stripping, or whittling back, our goals in life can help us achieve more.

For me a typical coaching engagement commences with an overloaded, mentally fragmented executive telling me how exhausted they are, how much they have to do, and also how they would like to achieve more in their role, their life, their organization. Maybe you can relate…?

The older I get the more I’m inclined to ask, in regard to their life or organization, “Well, what needs to go? What are you willing to sacrifice?”

Read on...

AACC Business Members

  Engaged employees, Energized teams, Vibrant Companies

If you’re ready to reignite the passion and productivity of the people who power your business and your bottom line, then you’re ready for Coolaroo.

We design and deliver programs that reenergize and revitalize your people and your business. We offer both signature and custom programs that turn up your people power. (But honestly, even our signature programs are personalized to suit your needs.)

Our programs are known for:

Practical, actionable, real-world tools and solutions
Immediate ROI with noticeable results and behavioral changes
Real-time discussion and problem-solving around your daily challenges

We're also known for creative experiences that ensure lots of laughs.
Because we like having fun undefined a lot.
  Truphone Recommendation...


"I was lucky enough to win the great prize offered by Truphone as a recent Sponsor of the AACC Annual Golf Day. That prize being a iPhone 5S, which is fully functional in 60 Countries. It was so simple. I picked up the phone from Truphones office in San Francisco, I turned it on and it was fully functional straight away. The phone comes with a US phone number, a European and an Australian number. I set off on a trip to Far North Queensland – Cape York soon after getting the phone. I was able to forward my USA work number to the Truphone. I could also advise family and friends of the Truphone contact number I had for this phone in Australia. When I hit Cairns QLD I turned on the phone like I did in the USA and there we have it, full reception. No re-programming, searching for a network. It just works.

So simple and made my trip through FNQ a lot easier, texting and posting Facebook shots each day as we travelled North to the Cape.

Oh and also keeping up with work emails….unfortunately or fortunately…not sure on that one. Great service people. Those travelling internationally on a regular basis should really take a look at this new service." Gordon Stirling

  In this age of 'big company' buyouts, increasing consolidation and mass production, Old Bridge Cellars brings you a group of Australian winemakers who retain their belief in artisan winemaking. Respecting the land and with minimal intervention in the winery, their wines remain true to the soils from which they come. We see as our mission the promotion of Australia's 'real wines, ' championing those winemakers who give everything in their pursuit of truly distinctive, regionally defined styles that sit comfortably with the world's best. And who believe they can do it even better again next vintage!

Check out and support the AACC Members!

Thank you to our annual Benefactor Supporters.




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If you’re in America on a work visa, the Bank of the West Expatriate Credit Card is designed to meet your unique needs.

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• Zero Liability feature protects against unauthorized card purchases

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• No annual fee

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• Unsecured credit line up to $12,000

• Accepted at millions of places worldwide

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What it takes to qualify:

• No credit history required

• Work visa (one year minimum)

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• Minimum annual salary of $36,000

• Bank of the West checking account

Become an AACC Member today!
  Individual Membership $95
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Corporation Membership $650
Benefactor Membership $2500+

Would you like to get more involved - the AACC is always looking for great to people to join our volunteer team. Join us as a committee member - please contact Dawn at

Upcoming Events

  August 23, Clashes for the Ashes Cricket Match
September 3, Aussie Club Luncheon
September 24, SF Women's Entrepreneurs Forum
September 26, AFL Grand Final Party

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