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AACC-SF Newsletter September 2014  
Presidents Message
The past month was an activity filled one for the AACC and it was great to see many of you at these events.

The 30th annual Clashes for the Ashes cricket match between the Aussies and the Brits was action packed to the last over, with the Brits ultimately winning the Opal Cup. A tremendous effort by both teams and it was equally exciting for all of the spectators right down to the last ball. Thanks to all our members and guests who joined us and a special thanks to all of the volunteers for a great day out in Larkspur.

Matt McFayden and Cam Webb of Peak Teams were our Aussie Club guest speakers. They retold the story of their journey “Beyond the Circle” through the Northwest Passage, its multitude of challenges from the beginning and the ultimate strength they derived from their partnership, pushed to the boundaries of their physical and emotional limits. Theirs is a story of perseverance & endurance, the challenges of feeling yet overcoming self-doubt, and ultimately the crystallization of the importance of connecting with one’s partner and the mutual strength of setting and achieving common goals. It was incredibly inspiring, although “a bit mad” springs to mind too, and judging by the Q&A, the Aussie Club members were equally enthralled. Thanks to Matt and Cam for spending time with us and for sharing your story!

Telstra Global hosted an event to welcome Chris Ball to San Francisco on September 10, who arrived that morning after riding his bicycle over 1,200 miles from Seattle. Chris is the founder of Adventure-Honey, an organization to help travelers help end extreme poverty. His west coast journey was part of a global effort to help end poverty through entrepreneurism. His association with Spark International, a proudly Australian and not-for-profit, aims to lift 1 million people out of extreme poverty by enabling local entrepreneurs in Africa and the Pacific with social business ideas. Spark mentors, supports and funds these local Changemakers with their own local solutions. Thanks to the entire Telstra Global team for hosting Chris and the AACC for an educational & thought-provoking afternoon.

Australian author, Richard Flanagan made a stop in SF to celebrate his new novel, “Narrow Road to the Deep North” and was interviewed by Richard Sparks. His sixth novel has received rave reviews from the New York Times and is nominated for the 2014 Man Booker Prize. It explores friendship, memory and how war illuminates love. To write the book, he told the audience how he drew deeply from conversations with his late father about his experience as a slave laborer on the Thai-Burma Railway during WWII. In spite of the powerful subject matter Richard peppered his deeply personal insights with humorous stories, and acknowledged that his research was minimal because he was essentially lazy. That said, he did travel to Japan and some serendipitous meetings with his father’s contemporaries had a profound impact on him and his understanding of his father’s wartime experiences.

So in the coming weeks the AACC will host the AFL Grand Final at Jillian’s and the International Women’s Entrepreneurs Forum. We hope to see you at these events.

And finally, on behalf of the Board of Directors I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to Helen Fairclough who is leaving SF and returning to Melbourne. Helen has been a board member for the past few years and has made a major contribution to the AACC during her tenure with Chevron. It has been our pleasure to have Helen on our team and we wish her all the best of endeavors with this new phase of her life. Good luck Helen, we will miss you!

As always thank you for your continued support

AFL Grand Final Party

Friday September 26th, 2014

Celebrate with us at the largest North American AFL Party - purchase tickets now, as the event always sells out. 

Great downtown location, easy parking, BART and Muni access!

First 400 guests receives a complimentary BOAGS beer.

Tables of 10 or more can be purchased!


Aussie Club Luncheon

  The Aussie Club welcomes - Mr. Robert Rodrigues to our next Aussie Club Luncheon on November 4th.

Robert D. Rodriguez is the Chairman and Founder of the Security Innovation Network (SINET) whose focus is on the advancement of IT security innovation into the industry and government markets. Previous to this he spent over twenty-two years as a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service. During this tenure he held a number of leadership roles within Executive Protection, Protective Intelligence and Criminal Investigations. He served as a supervisor on the Presidential Protective Detail, Counter Assault Team, Protective Intelligence and Criminal Investigation operations. His executive protection experience spanned 11 years at the White House serving Presidents Ronald W. Reagan, George H. Bush, William J. Clinton, George W. Bush, Vice President Dan Quayle and numerous Heads of State.

Thank you to our partners Haynes Boone and The Fairmont Hotel.

Please join us.

Air New Zealand Partnership has been extended~
  AACC members can enjoy a discount of 11% for all flights on Air New Zealand to Australia via Auckland. Business class travelers will enjoy lie-flat luxury in Air New Zealand's Business premier and Premium Economy travelers will enjoy unmatched legroom.

Air New Zealand's new 777-300 aircraft will take off SFO in July 2014!

News from Air New Zealand:

Air New Zealand begins a new era for their fleet and another era will close September 10, when they farewell the 747 and begin anew with the 777-300. And…

Air New Zealand will expand service to 10 round-trips per week on the popular San Francisco - Auckland route during the peak Northern winter period between mid-December and March 2015, including double daily flights on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. At press time, the 777-300 is slated to depart San Francisco at 7:45pm and 777-200 at 9pm.

This month in Tech
by CherylAnn Falconer CEO of DeZolve
Inc., and board member of AACC

  This month is all Aussie and not before time. Atlassian had their annual summit in San Jose where they and their customers spruiked all things Atlassian. Atlassian are really into the enterprise space now.

Their products and services much more efficient than many of the enterprise systems you're used to. We know because we've been using many of their products at DeZolve. Catchup on all the Atlassian Summit highlights.

Some more good news from Down Under. Bellabox has secured $3 million in funding. The beauty box service, co-founded by twin sisters Sarah and Emily Hamilton in 2011, has made waves in the Aussie start-up space in the three years since its inception. Bellabox is now the leading beauty subscription service in Australia with a 70% market share. Well done girls.

There is a feeding frenzy around cloud services at the moment. Many of the incumbent big players like IBM, Cisco and HP are trying to acquire enterprise cloud startups in an attempt to catchup with Amazon, the clear cloud leader in this space. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud seem to be the new big three. We've been using AWS for DeZolve and it is simply amazing how easy it is to build and maintain enterprise systems using cloud based services. This is one reason why small startups are able to disrupt the enterprise space. The cost of entry is now affordable for any size organization especially for small and medium sized businesses.

On a more personal note DeZolve is now in Beta after much hard work by our Aussie team. We couldn't have achieved this goal without Atlassian and AWS services.

Are using Atlassian products or cloud services to power your business? Let us know your thoughts. You can find us on twitter @dezolvedecisions or on Facebook. Just search for DeZolve.

AMCHAM Partnership

  We're also delighted to announce a new partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia (AmCham). This will provide some added value to your membership so look for more information to come as we develop some exciting new initiatives.

Please contact Dawn for further information and connection to AMCHAM.
Bausele Australia


AACC Contributor - Katherine Hosie


“How To Increase or Recover Your Hope”

Hello, Today I’d like to talk to you about Hope!

First of all, how important do you think Hope is in your life, the lives of your loved ones, the people in your organization?

What are the chances of any of us taking significant steps forward without - Slim.

I know that in my life, Hope is a critical ingredient to my happiness, wellbeing, and results. Hope comes and goes, and sometimes it needs to be rebuilt step by step, especially after a crisis such as a financial loss, divorce, or transition.

Without Hope we do not dream big, take risks, or persist over time. However with Hope our positivity and motivation increase, we recover more quickly from setbacks, and we keep on keeping on. Life is better with Hope; we all know it, right?

Most people think Hope is just an emotion. However, Hope has been proven by Professor C. R. Snyder, (the father of Hope Theory), to be a mental construct that can be created and maintained, using the correct formula, and you’re in luck because today I’m going to show you how!

There are three straightforward steps: Read on....

AACC Business Members
  We are the San Francisco office for New South Wales (NSW) Trade & Investment – an Australian State Government economic development agency.

We assist:
• US companies expanding to Sydney and NSW
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You can also visit our websites for more general information on investing in Sydney and New South Wales, and programs for NSW exporters:

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Our unique products are sold exclusively online at our e-store, or by hosting your own Mix Party at home where you can invite your friends and family to share a night in sampling and enjoying the Mixoloseum experience.

Founded by refreshingly human, at-home gourmet and entertaining enthusiasts, we want to add some spark to your next soiree by keeping things simple. We believe if you can use your cooking fundamentals, trust your instinct and lets us inspire your repertoire, you will not only impress your guests, but surprise yourself on how easy it can be to add some culinary magic to your next meal.

Enjoy discovering Mixoloseum or simply join us for the food gawking. Salute!

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Jetè to the USA: From New York to San Francisco Bay

The Australian Ballet gets set to pirouette across America this October

This October, The Australian Ballet returns to LA for the first time in more than four decades and the San Francisco Bay Area for the first time in over 20 years to premiere an Australian classic, Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake.

The company’s 33rd international tour will kick off on 9 October in Los Angeles at The Music Center’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion before travelling to Berkeley, opening 16 October at Cal Performances’ Zellerbach Hall.



Are you or your children dual citizens?

Australia and the US currently recognise dual citizenship.
Please remember that once you are registered as a citizen of Australia you are required to enter Australia on an Australian passport. If you are registered as an Australian citizen (either by birth or by descent) and you attempt to shortcut the system by obtaining an Australia visa (ETA) on an US passport, you may run the risk of being delayed or even denied boarding in the US for your flight to Australia.
Please remember that as a dual citizen of Australia and the US, you are required to keep passports up to date.

Please also remember to travel with both Australian and US passports as a dual citizen when travelling to Australia. You will be required to present your Australian passport when you enter Australia and your US passport when you re-enter to the US.

If you would like more information about obtaining citizenship by descent for your US born children, please contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection North American contact centre on Phone 1 613 238 1040 (3hours ahead, long distance charges may apply)

Napa Earthquake:
The recent 6.0 earthquake on 24th August at 3.20am in Napa was felt by many of us around the bay area and serves as a timely reminder for us to have a plan and emergency supplies in place to ensure our safety and the safety of our loved ones.
The Red Cross website has information about how to create a plan for your family. is another great resource for getting supplies together
The United States Geological Services has information on their earthquakes Hazard Program where you can sign up for real time alerts.

The Red Cross earthquake app provides alerts when an earthquake occurs, gives information on how to prepare your family and home and lets others know you are safe even if the power is out – a must for anyone living in earthquake prone areas.
Take a minute to chat with your family to make sure everyone knows what to do, where to go and who to contact in the event of an emergency.


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